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Interested in what we've been up to lately? Here are some of our latest releases.

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    Welcome to "Copenhagen"

    Municipality of Copenhagen

    Helping the Municipality of Copenhagen create a better off-boarding experience for cruise passengers at Oceankaj.

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    Money-literate children in a cashless society

    Pocket Money

    Danske Bank wanted to be the first bank in the Nordics to introduce a pocket money solution for children. We helped design an experience that gives children autonomy and parents control.

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    Demystifying the complex makes hard choices easy


    We helped Alka simplify its entire insurance purchasing flow on a responsive web platform. The new site makes it easy for customers to make complex choices, and saw an impressive 30% increase in online conversions

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    Helping you shop smarter and see your bonus grow


    1 x  Danish Internet Awards
    2 x  Danish Digital Awards
    1 x  dia
    2 x  dda

    Coop asked us to help design the customer experience concept for its ambitious membership program. Together with Coop, we distilled two core insights and a range of features into a contextual, personalised app that helps you shop smarter and see instant rewards.

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    A personal mini-cruise guide in your pocket

    DFDS passenger app

    To help passengers take full advantage of what’s available on board, DFDS asked us to create a digital product that would increase customer satisfaction, simplify some internal processes, and enhance its brand image.

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    Changing the way you pay


    MobilePay made Danish app history when it launched in 2013. One year later, MobilePay asked us to help make life easier for users. Now as strategic design partner, we’re helping MobilePay uncover new digital solutions in the rapidly changing world of banking.

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    Sharing starts with a conversation

    WeShare by MobilePay

    3 x  Danish Internet Awards
    2 x  Danish Digital Awards
    3 x  dia
    2 x  dda

    Sharing expenses isn’t a goal in itself. The goal is to share experiences with your friends and not have to worry about money. WeShare solves this by melting chat and expense sharing together.

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    Tempting you to take a bigger bite


    Meyers had to gather five different websites into one. One place to both order food, locate restaurants, book cooking courses, and browse through recipes. We stirred it all together.

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    Introducing armchair retailing for wholesalers


    4 x  danish digital award
    4 x  dda

    We disrupted the entire JACK & JONES retail chain. Putting a store, a showroom, and an intelligent ordering system into an app will have that effect. And make retailing more inspiring.

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    Your chair has
    something to say


    1 x  danish digital awards
    1 x  dda

    The Norwegian furniture company Varier makes chairs that move you. So we created a Bluetooth tracker connected to an app to show you how much you sit every day, inspiring you to a more active lifestyle.

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    Rethinking online customer service


    Denmark’s largest telecom company asked us to make their online customer service platform responsive. We ended up humanising it, too.

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    Auctions in pocket size


    2 x  danish internet awards
    2 x  dia

    In 2000, Lauritz saw the potential to disrupt their business and bring auctions online. Now, 1,500 auctions go online every day.

The only way to do great work is to love what you do

Lasse Breiner Vakgaard
CCO & Partner
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